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Requirements and features of Coyote Linux router and firewall

Coyote Linux router and firewall 2.10 system is floppy based Linux distribution designed for routing and firewalling computers on local network. It's based on Linux kernel 2.4 and uses some of it's advanced features like QoS (Quality of Service), Bandwidth Control and management, Statefull packet filtering and Statefull NAT connection tracking which allows you to use services like Active FTP of VoIP (Voice Over IP) on the computers on local network. The key features of Coyote Linux floppy based router and firewall are...

Coyote Linux 2.10 features

Coyote Linux 2.10 requirements

Coyote Linux router and firewall requires standard PC computer equiped with 1.44MB floppy drive and two supported network cards (or one network card and modem for dial-up usage). Most of the popular PCI and ISA network cards supported by Linux kernel are also supported by Coyote Linux router. No harddrive is used and required. 486DX CPU and at least 12MB of RAM memore are recommended for use. For PPPoE connections, QoS functionality, Layer7 filtering faster CPU is recommended. Working windows or Linux box is also needed for initial boot disk creation.

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