Coyote Linux & BrazilFW Add-ons - Tutorials

Coyote Linux & BrazilFW Tutorials

I have put together some instructions that could help less experinced users with Coyote Linux & BrazilFW floppy router systems.

Coyote Linux Router and Firewall tutorial

Do you want to know what Coyote Linux floppy router and firewall is, how to set it up, install new packages and use command line utilities?

QOS setup tutorial

Have you ever been wondering what all the options in QOS setup mean and what to insert there? Do you want to know how Coyote QOS subsystem works and what it can do? If so, this tutorial is just for you.

Secure copy tutorial

Do you want to securely copy files from/to you router? Backup configuration, install new packages remotely?

Created by Dolly 2004, hosted by CZI s.r.o.