Coyote Linux & BrazilFW Add-ons - RRD Statistics

RRDStats monitoring package

This package was updated! New version can be found at RRDStats 1.0 package.

RRDStats is a coyote linux package for network traffic monitoring, link quality control and QOS classes monitoring (if you use my QOS-init scripts). It's based on RRDtool for storing data to round robin databases and slightly modified RRDcgi for visualizing data on WWW. You can see how does the output look like on following picture (Click on it to display static pages snapshot).

RRDTools and RRDStats packages are quite big, together about 200kB so do not expect to fit on standard floopy. Aditional space is also needed for created RRD databases, see next section for details.

This package is quite difficult to install, you will have to edit many things by hand. It requires basic HTML khowledge because you will have to edit some HTML template files. If you are still interested, please continue with "How does it work?" section.

RRDstats chapters

Created by Dolly 2004, hosted by CZI s.r.o.