Coyote Linux & BrazilFW Add-ons - QOS Integration

Integrating QOS with coyote linux prior version 2.10

Before release of Coyote Linux v2.10 QOS and bandwidth control were not supported in kernel and configuration scripts. I have created my own Coyote Linux kernel and distribution to support QOS for older versions.

Current Coyote Linux version QOS support

Current version of Coyote Linux (since 2.10) supports QOS and bandwidth management in basic distribution, and no additional packages are needed. QOS implementation in Coyote Linux distribution is basen on similar configuration scripts I have used in older QOS integration packages. And so it is still valuable to browse these pages, because You can find here information and configuration details.

QOS and Bandwidth management for older versions

Here you can find required coyote linux modifications and even some QOS init scripts. Remember that kernel with QOS support together with new required modules will be larger than official Coyote Linux distribution. I usualy build two kernel versions, one with IDE interface support because i use old harddrive to boot my coyote box.

QOS support fol older Coyote Linux versions...

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