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RRD Statistics 1.0 - monitoring package

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RRDStats is a coyote linux package for network traffic and link quality monitoring. It's based on RRDtool for storing data to round robin databases and slightly modified RRDcgi for visualizing data on the Web.

Besides of network traffic monitoring RRD statistics package supports Coyote Linux core support for bandwidth management. It allows you to graphically monitor bandwidth usage in defined priority QoS classes.


Top Features

RRD statistics package requires almost zero configuration, unless you use bandwidth management and bandwidth usage monitoring features. Every other configuration option can be set through Web-panel integrated to standard Coyote Linux and BrazilFW router Web-administration tool. If you have any problems with installing or using this addon package, please report to our forums.

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Compatibility and usage

RRDStats 1.0 is compatible with Coyote Linux 2.24, BrazilFW 2.26 and probably all other Coyote Linux and BrazilFW releases based on uClibc 0.9.26.

It's distributed as a standard Addon package with configuration based on WebAdmin interface. The packages are quite big, and they don't fit on standard floppy disk size 1.44MB. You can either use BrazilFW IDE harddrive instalation or create Coyote Linux floppy formated to 1680kB. Some space will also be needed for created RRDdatabases.


Web based configuration
Web based package configuration
integrated to Web admin interface.
Graphical statistics interface
Graphical Web-based interface for
traffic statistics
Bandwidth management support for QoS priority classes traffic monitoring
Bandwidth management support for QoS
priority classes traffic monitoring
Browser compatibility
Increased browser compatibility,
XHTML template are used.


By clicking on the following picture, you can see how RRD statistics package looks like. This output is not dynamic, it's a static webpage snapshot taken on my own Coyote Linux router.

It's taken from RRD statistics package configured with all features

RRDstats chapters

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