Coyote Linux & BrazilFW Add-ons - L7-filter QOS package

QOS L7-filter - Installation and configuration

QoS Layer7 filtering | Install and config | QoS Setup

QOS L7-filter consists of single package QOS-L7 (about 4kB)


First download QOS L7-filter package. Install them the same way as any other package by copying them to boot device root directory.
Loot at package install how-to's if you don't know how to install new packages.


No special configuration is required for this package. Everything can be configured from web interface. This package ads it's own menu option QOS L7-filter package to webadmin interface.


Only Coyote(BrazilFW) QOS configuration or manual QOS class config QOS configurations are supported. It is recomended that you reboot your router after changing QOS L7-filter configuration.

It's not recommended to define many l7-filter protocol rules - l7-filter does regular expression matching on the application layer data to determine what protocols are being used. For very heavily loaded networks or slow hardware, you might not have enough processing power to use the many patterns (rules). There is a list of supported protocols with some performance statistics.

Layer7 protocol definitions update

Since version 0.2 package allows automatic update of Layer 7 filter definitions from sourceforge mirrors. It's recomended that you update these definition from time to time since they are continually developed and optimized new regular expressions can improve your bandwidth management setup.

The Layer7 definitions update has to be manually initiated from webadmin interface. It checks if there is a new version of layer7 definitions available and rebuilds l7protocol package if needed. It's reqired to backup your system configuration after layer7 definitions update for upgrade to stay permanent.

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