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QoS Layer7 package updated

New version of QoS Layer7 integration package is available for download.


Site discussion forum launched

I have configured discussion forum on Coyote Linux Addons site. Hope you will like it.


RRDStats 1.0

New version of RRDStats package 1.0 is now available. It features web based package configuration, increased browser compatibility and more. RRDStats package description.


Work in progress

I'm currently working on QOS configuration support for layer7 filtering (l7-filter). This filter is already included in Coyote Linux floppy router and BrazilFW distribution, but QOS init scripts lack support for it. With layer 7 filtering will you be able to filter traffic by protocol...for example http packets, p2p packets, voIP packets, you will no longer need to configure port ranges in QOS setup.

I'm also working on improved version of RRDstatistics. My friend posted me some improvements of RRDstatistics html templates a looong time ago and i'll finally implement them.


New site design

Site has been completely redesigned and should be more usable now.


Coyote linux floppy development discontinued

Official development of Coyote Linux floppy distribution by Joshua Jackson was discontinued some time ago. But you don't have to worry, the development continues under new project named BrazilFW Firewall and Router


Minor fixes

Not a real update, just some link fixes to coyote homepage and minor text updates.


QOS merged with official distribution

QOS is now beeing merged with official Coyote linux distro. Testing version can be downloaded from Coyote download section. Please report any bugs to Development forum.

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