Coyote Linux & BrazilFW Add-ons - How-to install package

How-to Install packages to Coyote Linux or BrazilFW

Coyote Linux & BrazilFW firewalls are based on modular system of packages. You can download and install aditional packages and configure system to suit your needs. There are many packages available out there. Through time i have also created some packages which are available in packages section of this website. Every package has to be installed before using it. If you use floppy based distribution it's quite easy to install new packages, but it can be harder to install them if you are using HDD or Compact Flash drive.

Install packages to floppy based distribution

If you are using floppy disc as your boot device, your task is quite easy. All you have to do is...

  1. Save your system configuration from webadmin interface or from Main menu, and turnoff system
  2. Remove floppy disc and bring it to another computer, where you can copy files from floppy drive do hard drive
  3. Copy downloaded package to floppy drive's root directory (there will already be some other files with .tgz extension)
  4. Take the floppy back to your Coyote Linux or BrazilFW router and boot up
  5. That's all, the package should be installed now and you can start using it

Install packages to HDD based distribution

Your task is little more difficult with HDD or Compact Flash based BrazilFW distribution. Also look at Remote package install how-to because with this configuration it's easier to install packages over network. But of course it's also possible to install them locally if you don't have remote access or you don't want to install over network. You will need floppy drive and one clean formated 3.5" floppy for local package instalation.

1. prepare package

Copy installed package to blank formated floppy disc.

2. logon to your router

You can logon either locally or remotely through ssh, it's possible to use both options. If you logon loacally, please exit configuration menu by using "q" option. You should now see command prompt

brazilfw# _
3. copy package to temporary location

You will copy installed package to temporary location on you coyote linux in this step. First mount flppy drive to /mnt

brazilfw# mount /dev/fd0 /mnt

The floppy should be mounted now, you can see what files are there...

brazilfw# cd /mnt
brazilfw# ls

In this situation there is only one file names scp.tgz, and it's secure copy package. We will copy this file to it's temporary location to /tmp. Subtitute scp.tgz with your installed package name.

brazilfw# cp /mnt/scp.tgz /tmp/scp.tgz

Now when the file is copied, unmount floppy drive

brazilfw# cd ..
brazilfw# umount /mnt
3. copy package to boot device and reboot

We will mount boot device in this step (assume you have system instaled on IDE primary master) and copy package to boot device root directory.

brazilfw# mount /dev/hda1 /mnt
brazilfw# cp /tmp/scp.tgz /mnt/scp.tgz

Now when the package is in it's final location we can unmount boot device and reboot router for changes to take effect.

brazilfw# umount /mnt
brazilfw# reboot
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